Motivational Coaching

As a Masters Certified Life Coach Nicole is credentialed to offer coaching sessions in the areas of  Personal Goals, Happiness, Success and Wellness.  Each of these are specialized areas separate from standard life coaching which is offered as well.

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Mindset and Motivation

Coaching for sustainability

Most people want to make improvements in their lives and lack the mindset and consistent motivation to sustain these improvements.  Connect in a coaching session to learn how to master your mindset, set yourself up for success, and sustain all the gains you make.

Health and Wellness Virtual Workshops

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Anxiety and Depression

This course is ideal for individual's and organizations who are working with individuals who may be dealing with mental health issues.  It is a basic overview of the most common mental illnesses, their signs, and symptoms and how you can help in times of crisis.


Burnout and Recovery

The goal of this course is to learn to identify what burnout looks and feels like in an attempt to quickly recover and restore balance in life.  This course provides information around healthy coping skills, a self-assessment tool, and suggestions on balancing priorities to avoid revolving burnout.


Creating and Sustaining Change

Change can be an uncomfortable subject for people due to feeling overwhelmed about where to start.  This workshop offers insight into the process of change along with identifying what needs to change, how to implement changes, and sustain them for a substantial amount of time.


Restoring Alignment

Under uncertain circumstances, it becomes challenging for us to remain aligned with our own lives and goals.  Join us in this workshop to discuss how crucial it is for us to restore our natural selves as best as possible, remain motivated, and stay aligned with whatever our new normal is right now.  Understand the benefits routine self-assessments that can be used by everyone in your family to measure how well you are doing.