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Dr. Nicole Kumi, PhD

Founder and CEO


I am Dr. Nicole Kumi, a wife, a mother, an author, and an advocate for maternal wellness services.  I became a mother in 2018 after delivering my amazing daughter.  About 5 months into the post-partum period I began to experience symptoms indicative of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADS),  and waited far too long to seek treatment.  As a behavioral health professional I KNEW what was happening, and the steps I needed to take, and still did not do what was necessary.  I waited 4 more months before seeking treatment due to the stigma associated with mental health disorders and my own pride since I work in this field.  I was ashamed that it “happened to me” and spent a lot of time worried about “what it looked like” when I should have been focused on healing.  I did eventually climb my way out of the darkness that was diagnosed as post-partum depression, and realized I would have had a better outcome if I engaged in treatment sooner, or had an inkling about PMAD’s before the onset.

It happened again in 2020 after giving birth to my incredible son, manifesting as post-partum anxiety during a pandemic with limited support and a newborn with colic.  It was fascinating to me that treatment approaches and interventions had not changed in 2 years, and I was still looking for services when I was already sick.  Talk about the weight of the world on my shoulders, worrying about my newborn, and my own mental health that no one prepared me to deal with.  Far too much responsibility is put on a mother's shoulders to find services when she is not in the right state of mind to even trust/tell anyone what was happening. 

Once I got well I got informed and educated on PMAD’s and appropriate interventions.  I received intensive training from Postpartum support international and offer perinatal transitional coaching to new and expecting moms complete with the development of a post-partum care plan that we work on ahead of time, when mom is well, in the event she will need to utilize more supports and intensive services in her postpartum period.

My mission is to reduce the stigma associated with PMAD’s through prepartum educational courses and coaching for moms and their families, which will help to normalize the experience and promote continued conversations around maternal wellness.  Far too much responsibility is put on a mother's shoulders when it comes to identifying what is going on and finding services for it.  I couldn’t find what I needed so I created it in an effort to normalize it for other moms and reduce the isolation indicative of that period.  I work alongside new and expecting moms to provide them with a roadmap on this journey, share some lived experiences and approaches, and guide them toward the best possible outcome for all.  A healthy happy mom.

**Nicole obtained her Ph.D. in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior from Capella University in 2017 and is a member of Post Partum Support International where she received training in Perinatal Mental Health.  She has been extensively trained to work with this population of individuals, provide guidance and resources, and offer support, hope, and validation.  Nicole has received training in evidence-based approaches consistent in supporting individuals with PMADS such as DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma Informed Care approaches.

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We are launching a new project that focuses on caring for Mom after the baby arrives.  We will be creating these Butterfly Boxes and sending them to new mom's to assist with the transition into motherhood with some fun goodies, just for mom.  If you know a know a new, expecting, or current mom and would like to purchase or donate items, please choose the appropriate link below

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