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Perinatal and Maternal Wellness Services


I believe in assisting women, particularly mothers', during transitional times in their lives.  Through my three foundational pillars; preparation, validation, and education, we aim to prepare people with the tools necessary to recognize where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.  A positive mindset is one of the most beneficial elements of life and with our services we assist individuals with locating theirs and using it to elevate them in all areas of life.  What happens to us is one part of the puzzle.  Making it work for us, and growing through the experience is the final piece.

Becoming a new mother is one of the most rewarding and challenging times of a woman's life, and yet so few services are offered to support her during this time.  At Kumi Training and Development, we work with mothers through all phases of their journey to offer coaching and support as she transitions from their life, into pregnancy and post-delivery.  These transitional periods are crucial for them and require additional resources to support their evolving maternal mental health.  We place the focus on the mom and what it is she needs to be the best parent she can be to her new child.  We offer the support and flexibility of coaching calls and connections to provide her with the most up-to-date research regarding what she may experience, how to identify early signs and symptoms of postpartum depression/anxiety, and normalize feelings and emotions during this time.  We need to wrap our arms around our new mothers, encourage them and support them in an effort to generate the most positive transition into motherhood

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Maternal Wellness: About
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Perinatal Transitional Coaching


During pregnancy most of the focus of doctor's appointments are on the growth of the baby and how mom is doing physically.  These sessions focus on the mental health of the mom, providing her with support and a safe place to discuss what could come after the birth of the baby.  It is not enough to know about post partum and what it looks like, but we need to identify a plan to assist in the event mom begins to experience some symptoms.  Providing the knowledge ahead of time allows for quicker response in the post partum period.  We also provide information on other things that happen post delivery and how to mentally cope and adapt to it all.  For mom's who are post partum these services are your connection to a world of support from someone who has been through PPD and PPA and has made it out using alternative methods from medication and standard therapy.  These sessions offer the support, validation and HOPE that we all need during the most sensitive time of our lives.  Everyone is there to watch the baby, care for the baby and ask about the baby.  We are here to care for YOU and help YOU so that you could be the best mom you could be and restate your purpose in life with this new role.

Maternal Wellness: Courses & Programs

The Whole Mom E-Course


I can appreciate having little time to pour into myself so whenever I can create something useful for moms, I always think about the best format for a mom to absorb the information.  This E-course was created in such a way that a mom could take her time reviewing each of the 7 modules, power through them in one day, or listen to them while she is up with prepartum insomnia, or fourth trimester and feeding.  The goal is for every expecting and new mom to receive this information in whichever way she can retain it, and allow it to contribute to a more positive, validating, and reassuring fourth trimester.

We tend to be reactive in our approach when it comes to maternal mental health, especially related to postpartum depression/anxiety.  This is a 7 module program that takes a proactive approach, informing mothers of what to expect mentally in the postpartum period.  Each module covers a different topic, explaining what it is, how it will present, and how the mom can work through this.  I believe in providing education and awareness before an event occurs in an effort to increase support and improve treatment outcomes.

  It also incorporates a postpartum care plan that is developed in your included 1:1 call with me and utilized in the postpartum period if you find that you need additional support/resources.  My philosophy is that it is easier to create an action plan when you are in a healthy state of mind rather than scrambling to identify a plan when you are becoming unwell.   The more we talk about the potential occurrences of the fourth trimester, the better-prepared moms will be to transition into motherhood in a healthy way.  This will have a profound impact on the whole family.

Maternal Wellness: Text

”I attended the WHOLE mom workshop and am so happy that this program is available to moms.  The valuable information I learned was so critical to my journey through the post-partum period. Pre-natal visits typically talk about how to prepare yourself for your new baby and how your physical body is impacted. To learn about the post-partum period before having your baby and what to expect, along with how your partner can help you is even more invaluable to learn. The post-partum period is challenging and moms need as much information as possible to let them know some of the feelings and challenges you may experience is relatable to other moms. This program was absolutely wonderful and Dr. Kumi is the best to work with and is receptive to questions and empowers you. Highly recommend!”


 I attended Nicole’s workshop on Postpartum. I participated in the workshop and also learned more than I had already knew about postpartum. I’m a Mom of a 3 year old boy and I struggled with the anxiety prior to delivery. I had a great delivery followed by a nightmare. I couldn’t breastfeed properly and they didn’t walk me in the hospital followed by a fast discharge when I wasn’t feeling right. I ended-up using my voice loudly and shared something was wrong. I ended-up with DVT blood clot in my leg followed by months of shots in my stomach and back and forth to doctor because my son had tongue tie and couldn’t latch. I felt judged and unprepared for the postpartum anxiety . I ended-up leaving my baby with my husband because I didn’t feel I could handle him. No one ever asked me if I was having a difficult time they brushed past this at my postpartum check-up. This workshop helped me to realize that I am not alone in this process as a mother. There are many women who struggle as well as me. That was the relief I needed from this group.This workshop help me to understand my postpartum anxiety and my fears as a mom. I wish I had this group prior to giving birth and after giving birth where I could gain a support network . I would tell anyone to take this workshop and have the courage to share how you’re  feeling and that you need help.
Jennifer Mancia


Maternal Wellness: Testimonials



Imagine what you could accomplish in 24 hours of uninterrupted time.  No phone calls, no emails, no kids, no friends, nothing to distract you from working on yourself, and/or your business development/continuity.  I understand the importance of the hustle all while recognizing the essential need to allow myself time to slow down, recover, and create.  I designed these reTREATS to align with the power of being a female and acknowledge how hard it is to find that special time to do what is necessary for us to continue operating at the frequency we are.  Take the time to unplug and recharge while simultaneously churning the wheels and allowing yourself the space to do it, with the right guidance.

  By focusing on your inner self, calming the chaos, and restricting the noise, we can identify what is currently holding you back, and lay the foundation for how to enhance where you are and what you are offering.    There is something about the structured time, and being in an environment that supports creativity that really allows these reTREATS to yield positive outcomes for the individuals participating.

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