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For Kumi Training and Development, LLC, helping people gain new skills and knowledge isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion.  With our wide variety of training topics and skills related to professional growth it is our mission to help you or your organization reach your full potential.  We specialize in developing specific seminar topics related to the need of the individual or agency, and are committed to working across all disciplines of professionals.  We believe that recovery from mental illness is possible, and that leading a life of holistic wellness begins from within.


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Understanding Mental Illness

This course is ideal for individual's and organizations who are working with individuals who may be dealing with mental health issues.  It is a basic overview of the most common mental illnesses, their signs, and symptoms and how you can help in times of crisis.

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Trauma Informed Care

This course is an excellent place to get an understanding of the impact of trauma on people's everyday lives.  The course described what classifies traumatic events, how people can respond to these events, and how this may look in a learning or professional environment.

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Burnout and Recovery

The goal of this course is to learn to identify burnout in yourself and in your staff to be able to recover effectively from situational events.  People experience a variety of symptoms related to burnout, and tend to focus on poor coping skills to assist during these times.  Our course provides positive coping skills and information regarding learning to balance all aspects of your liv

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